Basecamp CFC

I’ve been using Basecamp for freelance consulting and I absolutely love it. I have one problem with it, once you shut down a project the client can’t get any of their materials. It would be nice if you could export the entire contents of a project, compile it into a .pdf, and ship it off to a client as part of a project closeout.

They have a pretty thorough API, and I happen to know a language that can make pdf’s pretty easy. So I figured I could make my own solution, and I did. In doing so, I had to create a service CFC for the Basecamp API. Since there wasn’t one when I looked around for it, but there were a few questions about one, I figured I would share it on RIAForge, and I have. You can download Basecamp CFC from there now.

A few things to note:

  • I implemented all of the data retrieval methods
  • I implemented create, update, and delete methods for comments and messages
  • I have not implemented create, update, and delete methods for categories, todos, or milestones
  • There are not API methods for create, update, and delete of companies and people.

I haven’t implemented everything, because, frankly I didn’t need it all. But, if anyone uses the thing and really wants them, I will be happy to implement more.

If anybody uses it, let me know.

7 thoughts on “Basecamp CFC

  1. You’re very creative 🙂
    I whish I knew that way when I was using Basecamp, it could be less painfull then. Well, anyway, I gave up on Basecamp. I’m with now.

    Good luck with your projects!


  2. Great idea, Terry, thanks!
    I’ve been trying to get it to work on my dev server but I can’t go pass the login screen.
    The error is thrown by line 629: “Error in Underlying Web Call – 403 Forbidden”.
    I tried with http and even https BC accounts ( guest/guest), but no joy.
    Any idea where I should start looking to fix this?
    Thanks again for the good work!


  3. This is a great idea. One problem…I’m a non-technical, non-developer basecamp user who would like to use this.

    Can this be made accessible on the web? This is such a great tool, I would be willing to pay for the priviledge of archiving my basecamp projects to PDF. Seriously! We already pay for basecamp, this would be a great addition.


  4. I responded to Jay off-blog, but I am exploring options and business models for a publicly available web application.

    If anyone is interested please drop me a line through my contact page.


  5. Hi Terry, please put me on the list of interested folks like Jay who could use a dead simple method getting a pdf archive of a project … probably other things too later ????



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