Subfolders and Application Custom Tags

I love the new Custom Tag Paths in Application.cfc feature of ColdFusion 8. In fact I love it so much I’m using it everywhere now. I did run into one problem though. I tried calling an application mapped custom tag from sub folder without its own Application.cfc. The custom tag call bombs. I added an application.cfc that extended the application’s root application.cfc, and still no joy. I had to explicitly set the custom tag mapping in the child application.cfc to get it to work.

No big deal, but I figured I would share it.

One thought on “Subfolders and Application Custom Tags

  1. Yeah, as soon as we got CF8 in-house, that’s the first thing I did was add the mappings and custom tags to the Application.cfc – at my work, we don’t use a global custom tag directory at all due to the shear amount of sites on one box, so having this back now is godsend for us.


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