Jupiter Rising

I have found reason 531 to be glad I switched to developing in CFEclipse. Its name is Jupiter. It’s a code review tool for Eclipse. I find myself in complete disbelief, but I think I love a code review tool.

Why? What does do that makes me love it?

  1. It links annotations directly to the code via line numbers.
  2. Because of that linkage, you can open the code directly from the code comments.
  3. It allows several levels of severity and categories of comments.
  4. It allows for teams to collaborate on code reviews.
  5. It saves notes in an easily parsed XML file for external reporting.

Dave and I are experimenting with it. It looks like it will make all of the code reviews we have to do a little easier.

I have to thank Kola Oyedeji who made some observations about a previous post of mine regarding code reviews.

9 thoughts on “Jupiter Rising

  1. Hey Glad you’re liking Jupiter – it has been a while since I played with it and by the sounds of it, it seems like it has come some way – and worth another look.



  2. I discovered Jupiter a few months ago.. It really is a gem. Used it in the development of a recent big community project and it helped a lot indeed.
    So.. kudos to the developers!


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