Movable Type 3.2 You Torment Me!

Movable Type 3.2 won’t work for me. I got support from Six Apart, but the fix ended up breaking all cgi-scripts in my server space. Six Apart gave me a detailed fix that involved changes to the IIS web site properties. It seems like it shouldn’t be that involved a fix.

I have to say Dataride, my hosting provider, has been really cool with this. They’ve been much faster to repond then Six Apart. So once again I heartily recomend them for Cold Fusion Hosting.

Oh well, cognitive dissonance has set in, and now I must have it! I will make it work. As soon as Six Apart gets back to me… whenever that is.

6 thoughts on “Movable Type 3.2 You Torment Me!

  1. Trust me, that thought has crossed my mind. However I like the fact that Movable Type just spits out any old files, which allows me to dynamically create CFML. Which I use to power my picture tools, code displayer, and a couple other features.

    I believe that WordPress requires you to create php files, and since this site is for my enjoyment, no php.

    Also cognitive dissonance has set in. If it’s this hard to install, it must be good.


  2. We’re definitely working hard to be as responsive as possible… there’s a huge number of people who’ve upgraded or started new with Movable Type 3.2, so we’re not as quick as our usual standards.

    Rest assured, the dev team is plugging away at any possible Windows issues to see if there’s anything we can simplify for you. And one of the benefits of Movable Type is that you can not just output CFML, but get friendly URLs by default on a Windows server running IIS. Other tools that require an .htaccess file (which is only for Apache servers) won’t allow you to do that.

    Give us a little bit to catch up with the overwhelming (and overwhelmingly positive!) response to the MT3.2 launch, and I’m sure you’ll see why people rave about our support. If you’ve got any concerns in the meantime, feel free to get in touch.


  3. Well first off, I am sticking with Movable Type, for many reasons, only some of which I listed here. I also like the interface. I like ease of extending it, and the developer community built up around it. Second, I do recognize that it’s not necessarily hard to install Movable Type 3.2, but is has been hard for Me to install MT 3.2.

    However, support has been slow in my perception. Now I recognize that with a major update you’re going to need to do more support than usual, and my case manager has been very polite, and has (as of last night) alerted me to the high number of calls Six Apart has been getting. Additionally some of my frustration is due to the fact that I have never needed support before with Movable Type, which is a compliment to Six Apart.

    All in all, I’m impatient to get it working, and that’s the bottom line. However that impatience is driven by my excitement for the product… and maybe a little bit of cognitive dissonance thrown in.

    Now i have to ask, how did my little corner of the internet get on the radar screen of the Vice President of Six Apart?


  4. Hey, I wasn’t knocking Movable Type.. well maybe I was. I’m a happy user of Typepad, and I know that the install of MT has gotten much better since I lasted tried (and failed miserably, which has kind of pooched the hootch for me re: MT).

    Perhaps, I’ll give it another go.

    And I think Anil has some searches on blog search engines (like Technorati) that look for Six Apart stuff. He commented on an entry of mine when I complained about the, then, new comment notifications from Typepad (I said they sucked, and they did).


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